We offer a range of professional services to clients.

The services we provide are varied ranging from the provision of independent trustees and offshore directors to basic book keeping. We are not an investment house. We do not accept commissions or retrocessions.

We are happy to discuss the use of foundations, private trust companies, trusts, protectors, executors, companies, corporate directors and company secretaries, which all feature among our services. A fuller description of our services is contained in items listed in the menu at the right side of this page.

It is important for both parties that the parameters of our engagement are agreed in advance, as our pricing preference is to work to pre-agreed fees. We prefer to work directly with client families; we are at our best when we are at the centre of the family’s financial matters and have a complete picture of the family’s wealth, strategy, concerns and ambitions. We find this type of relationship is more mutually rewarding and beneficial. We take pride in the work we undertake.

Further Information

Please contact us for further details about any of our services and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.